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While our primary goal is to find the best new home for the equine we rescue, we always do what is best for them. Sometimes that means keeping them here at the rescue. Equine who have been neglected their whole lives often come to Hasty's Haven with permanent health problems. Others may have arrived here at an old age. These individuals have found sanctuary with us and will live out the rest of their lives here.  A few intakes have also proven to have the perfect personality to work with Operation Fallen Feather as therapy horses. These lucky equine also call Hasty's Haven their home. You can learn more about the wonderful equine who have found sanctuary with us here on this page.  Though these animals are not available for adoption - we do still need donations to help with their ongoing care.

at Hasty's Haven

Athena is the largest horse we have here at Hasty's Haven. She is 20 years old and came to us with a keratoma in her hoof and we are still working on getting it completely healed. Due to her health concerns, we have decided to sanctuary her.



Jed is an old man in his 30's (31 to be exact) who was brought in as an owner surrender. He has been sanctuaried with us due to his old age and related health concerns.



Ember is a 14 year old owner surrender who came here from a neglect situation. She has an amazing personality and will be aiding Operation Fallen Feather with therapy for military and first responders.



Hazel, like Ember, has a sweet personality perfect for working with Operation Fallen Feather.



Turkey has been with us for a few years now and is such a great pony for introducing kids to equine for the first time!

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Sunflower came to us with her daughter, Hyacinth, and they have both been chosen to remain with us here at the rescue.  Sunflower likes to get dressed up as a unicorn for photoshoots with little girls!



Hyacinth came to us with her mom, Sunflower, and will be staying at Hasty's Haven for the rest of her life.