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Meet Hasty Red

Hasty's Story: Welcome

Hasty is our Inspiration 

Hasty Red is our inspiration behind rescue. He was mistreated and abused, as a result he was once labeled a "Killer Horse" deemed dangerous to humans. This is a little about our journey with him

Hasty's Story 

Hasty is an off the track thoroughbred. When he raced on the track Hasty was man handled and beaten. Hasty rushed through the gates before the race would start so he was whipped between his ears to stop this behavior.

After his days on the track he was sold to a woman who gave riding lessons. Hasty was then purchased by a family that was taking lessons there, moved around to multiple barns and he was abused by the family. Hasty would often rear up out of fear and because of this Hasty was labeled a “killer horse”.

The family was trying to find a vet to put him down but many refused so they were going to sell him at an auction where many kill buyers would be. The barn owner heard about this and contacted a horse rescue in Florida asking if they would take him. The rescue said yes so Hasty began his journey from Ohio to Florida. But fortunately the story didn't end there.


It was at the rescue in Florida where Kaitlyn, when she was very young, met Hasty Red. She adored that horse and would watch him being ridden by others at the rescue and she would cry because she wanted to ride him very badly. It was years before she got her chance but when she did the connection those two had was obvious.


Kaitlyn and Hasty bonded with each other. They competed in shows and they never once had any issues with behavior. In fact this, "killer horse" turned out to be one of the sweetest, most gentle creatures you could ever have the pleasure of knowing.


We are thankful every day for the opportunity Kaitlyn was given. When it came time for Kaitlyn to move away she was devastated because she thought that she would never see Hasty Red again. But there was a surprise in store for her. The generosity of others can overwhelm you sometimes.


It still brings tears to our eyes when we think back on the day she found out that Hasty had been gifted to her by the owners of the horse rescue in Florida. To this day Hasty has served as the inspiration for Hasty's Haven Horse Rescue.


In his name and in honor of all the horses that have been abused, mistreated, malnourished or neglected, we have committed to rescuing as many horses as we can with the resources we have.


We could use your help to continue with this commitment. Please give what you can so that we can give hope and a new life to horses that are suffering the way Hasty suffered.   #rescuesofinstagram #horserescue #hastyshaven

Hasty's Story: About Us
Hasty's Story: Welcome
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